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    Technology Innovations For Disabled Assistance

    The disabled have a right to be helped just like any of us. Modern technology these days makes a real effort to help our less fortunate, but equally able brothers and sisters. Technology has been the key to opening up a lot of products and services that are often taken for granted to disabled people. These innovations span many areas of life from transportation with access information to romantic relationships including adult dating with dating apps and free hookup sites. That’s right even hookup culture and technology has become available to this unique population. Aside from this, there are a lot of various tech advancements in this space. We present here some heart-warming technology that helps people with disabilities in a short review.

    Tech Apps Assistance

    • Assist-Mi

    Assist-Mi provides real-time help for the disabled from Service Providers, Care Givers and Volunteers. Services include — lifts to work, shopping trips for essentials, emergency home help and for general travel and recreation. Profiling is used to ensure that the Service Provider can accurately evaluate the needs of the disabled before stretching out his hand to help. Two-way communication and GPS are also provided for accurate location and conversation

    • Axs Maps

    Axs Maps provide information for accessible ramps and rest rooms for use by wheelchair bound disabled people. The information is continuously Crowd-sourced.

    • Finger Reader

    This is a device that can be used as a Language Translation Tool. Wearing this device on a finger, and pointing to a line on the body of text, translates the text, one line at a time. Real-time audio feedback of the words detected by the high resolution small camera, on the Finger Reader, is continuously provide to the User, without the use of any peripheral optical device. Special features like the Detection of the end of a line are incorporated into the device, which gives really advanced readout.

    • Sesame Phone

    This is an ingenious solution for people who are unable to use their hands to operate on a normal touch screen in modern smart phones. Sesame Phone is a specially designed touch-free smart phone for those who have disabled upper limbs. The phone has accurate front-facing camera tracking, which captures small head movements. This allows the User to access and control all the features of his smart phone, without once having to touch the phone. Voice control is an added feature, and gestures mimic touch screen actions like Swipe, Browse, Play and the rest.

    • Be My Eyes

    Be My Eyes is magical application that is based on social network which binds blind people to groups of people who can see and are willing to continuously communicate what they see, to the blind. Thus the blind are protected at all times by a network that connects the blind with volunteers from around the world. This has been astoundingly successful to use, as well as very cheap. Volunteers are notified in advanced, and if they are too busy, substitutes can replace the original volunteers, at short notice, by triggering video calls. Help is always at hand.

    • Transcence

    While other apps for the deaf can assist one-to-one communication, Transcence uses the same symbolism, as in ordinary Internet group conversations, such as Colored Bubbles, to achieve the same effect for the deaf.

    • Liftware

    Liftware is a device for helping people with motion disorders, like Parkinson’s, to stabilize themselves or even attach utensils, forks and spoons. People suffering from such diseases find themselves afflicted with hand tremors. Liftware provides 70% stabilization and reduces spillage of contents like food reaching the patient’s mouth.

    • UNI

    UNI is meant to assist the deaf and the dumb, to communicate both ways using Gesture and Speech Technology. A specialized camera algorithm converts hand and finger gestures into text, almost instantaneously, to interpret and communicate Sign Language. Two-way Communication is therefore achievable by using the in-built Sign Builder. So a customized language can be added to the dictionaries.

    • Talkitt

    Talkitt is for people with severe speech impairment and language disorder. It helps the disabled person to communicate easily with others. Pronunciation that is unintelligible to others is converted into clear flowing speech that is easy for others to understand. Talkitt is a learning device, which captures, remembers and uses the speaker’s speech patterns, and compare sit to a high vocabulary personal dictionary. Though not yet at conversational speed, it is yet quiet fast, and can keep a conversation going naturally.

    • Dot

    This wonderful wearable machine is meant for people who have week eyesight or are blind. It is in-fact the world’s first Braille Smart Watch. This is a truly affordable solution for the blind, and is actually much cheaper than regular e-Braille devices. It helps access Tweets, Messages, and even Books, in all positions and in any time. Bluetooth connectivity to any smart phone is featured, so that the smart watch can retrieve and translate text, from an email or messaging app, and convert to Braille for the Wearer. Technically speaking, 6 Dots on 4 Cells are found on the surface of the smart watch. These Dots move up or down to form four letters in Braille at any time.