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Prominent Disability Rights Activists 

Disability rights activists are people who fight for equal rights and opportunities for the person. They fight for equal rights in employment, education, housing, and freedom from breach of other rights and the same opportunities in the physical environment, safety etc. The disability activists are fighting to break the societal and institutional barriers which prevent disabled people from living a healthy life.

A large part of disability activism has been related to employment and getting companies to hire and advocate for employees with disabilities. The tech industry has been a large proponent of this movement. Many tech companies are powered from behind desks and computers allowing them to easily onboard disabled employees.

tech companies hire disabled employees

IBM and Intel are some big names that are well regarded for their support of employees with disabilities. Other startup tech companies in the dating space such as Happn and Hinge have also been noted for their focus on disability advocacy. As unexpected as it may seem many adult entertainment and adult dating companies employ many disabled workers. Companies like LocalSex App, an adult app that promotes hookup culture helping people find partners to “fuck now” actively recruit programmers and IT employees with disabilities along with other overlooked work force populations.

Disability Rights and the Disability Rights Movement

Disability rights are the human rights of a physically or mentally disabled individual who are or can be violated on societal terms by the people of society. The disability rights movement was first started at the 1960s with in the USA after that it started spreading in the whole world. It is the fight for human rights and equal opportunities conservation for a person who is mentally or physically disabled in some terms. The fruits of this movement are the Americans with Disabilities Act and the same rights among the people.

The pioneers

Ed Roberts

Edward Robert was the first person to start the disability rights movement during the 1960s in America. He started his activism from an early age when he was denied his diploma because he did not complete his physical and drivers education. He was the first person to analyze disability with a political view. One of the most significant achievements of his is the MacArthur Fellowship. He is called the father of the independent living rights movement due to his works.

Roland Johnson (left)

Roland Johnson is the second most famous activist in the USA. He worked with Edward Roberts in his work and helped in increasing employment the disability movement.

Current disability rights activists

Javed Abidi

Javed Abidi is one of the most famous Indian disability rights activist known for his serving in the National Centre for Promotion of employment for disabled people. He was born and foundation of Disability Rights Group. He was born in Aligarh, India, with Spina Bifida. During the treatment, he suffered nerve damage. He first worked for Sonia Gandhi in Rajiv Gandhi Foundation’s disability unit. A year later, when he met an advocate group where his actual work started. One of the most significant works of Abidi is the protest in front of parliament which pushed them to pass the Persons with Disabilities Act. He has worked for equal rights to employment, housing, etc.

Virali Modi

Virali Modi is one of the youngest disability activists. She was born and raised in the United States. She was normal by birth, but after she lost her ability to walk during the visit to India because of malaria. During this time, she got to know the struggles of being disabled. This brought the idea in hers of starting the fight for implementation of disabled-friendly measures in railways. The success started with wheelchair ramps installation in several railway stations and airports. She is on her way to activism and fighting for the further development of disabled people.

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